Capital Processes

Major/Minor Capital Projects

Major Capital Project Approval (>$2.5 M)

Major Capital Projects follow the combined Executive 1, 2 and 3 processes and Board of Governors 1, 2, 3 and 4 processes.  Once a Major project has received Executive 2 Approval, a UBC Properties Trust (UBCPT) Project Manager is assigned and a Steering Committee and Working Group established to support the project through the life of its planning, design and development.  The Steering Committee is responsible for general project oversight including budget, schedule and scope.  The Working Group is responsible for providing regular review and input during the design process.

As part of the Board of Governors Board 2 Approval process, all proposed new facilities and renovations require a Planning Approval from UBC Campus Planning in the Okanagan. As part of this approval process, CP is responsible for assessing capital project conformance with the Campus Plan and the accompanying UBC Okanagan Design Guidelines, as well as municipal zoning for the campus, and providing the campus community the opportunity to review and comment on the schematic design. Following the issuance of a Planning Approval, all building projects require a Building Permit from the City of Kelowna.  Prior to a Building Permit, the City of Kelowna may also require Natural Environment, Hazardous Condition and/or Farm Protection Development Permit Approval.  Transport Canada approval may also be required for buildings exceeding specified heights.

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Minor Capital Project Approval (<$2.5 M)

New projects with a construction value of $2.5 M or less will follow the combined Executive 1, 2 and 3 process and generally be project managed by Campus Planning (CP) on the Okanagan Campus.  They require a Development Approval from Campus Planning, which is responsible for assessing the project’s conformance with The Campus Plan and the accompanying UBC Okanagan Design Guidelines, and compatibility with adjacent land uses and environments. CP will also assist in assessing the project if a Building Permit is required from the City of Kelowna or if other agency approvals are required.

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UBC Capital Project Structure Okanagan Campus

Project Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is composed of senior representatives from each of the key campus stakeholder groups involved in the project. These include the User Faculty/Department, Provost’s Office (or other sponsoring VP’s Office), Campus Planning, Infrastructure Development, Finance, Treasury, Project Manger (UBC Properties Trust or UBCO Project Services). The committee is chaired by the Infrastructure Development rep.  This committee is responsible to ensure that the project is delivered on time, on budget and according to required program. The Steering Committee makes final decisions as required on issues affecting budget, schedule, funding and financing. The Steering Committee also acts as final arbiter on any issues that cannot be resolved at the Working Committee level.  This committee is intended to take a University-wide perspective in the development of the project.

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Project Working Committee

​The Working Committee is composed of representatives of the key groups involved in the design, construction and ultimate operation of the new development.  These include the Project Architect, Project Manager (UBCPT or UBCO Project Services), User Faculty/Department, Campus Planning, Infrastructure Development (Facilities Planning), Campus Operations and Risk Management and other campus service providers (IT, Media & Classroom Services, Student Housing, Food Services, Parking, Security, etc.) as required at the appropriate time.  The committee is chaired by the Project Manager. The Working Committee is responsible for the design of the project according to functional program, the Okanagan Campus Plan, Technical Guidelines, sustainability objectives, budget and schedule. This committee also addresses coordination issues related to construction and operational handover of the completed project.

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Roles & Responsibilities

1) Campus Planning

Responsible for determining user needs; developing Okanagan capital priorities; coordinating internal stakeholder input; preparing and presenting Okanagan Executive approval requests in collaboration with Infrastructure Development; ensuring that capital projects comply with the Okanagan Campus Plan; chairing architect selection committee.

2) Infrastructure Development

Responsible for determining user needs; developing overall UBC capital plan; developing project functional programs and funding plans; preparing and presenting President’s Executive and Board of Governors approval requests in collaboration with Campus Planning & Development; chairing project steering committees.

3) UBC Properties Trust

Responsible for providing advice and input on all aspects of capital project development; preparing project cost estimates; managing/coordinating project design and construction; chairing project working committees.

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