Update on Plans for Campus Planning, Infrastructure Development and Campus Operations and Risk Management on the UBCO Campus

Over the last couple of years a great deal of important foundational work as been done for space/facilities planning as well as project services at UBCO.  Much of the recent growth on campus is due to heavy lifting by many of these people — recognizing that not that long ago these teams didn’t even exist. Recently, the level of planning, development activity and projects on the Okanagan campus has been a challenge to support and is regularly exceeding capacity. Because of this current reality and our expected future needs, campus leadership has approved the creation of an Infrastructure Development function for UBCO to help maximize our ability to support future growth through realigning ourselves. This will involve a new UBCO Director of Infrastructure position as well a realignment of some existing positions in the Okanagan in order to provide better support for our staff and improved alignment across UBC system-wide.

Campus Planning will continue to focus on the long-term campus vision as well as plans, policies, standards and guidelines for the physical campus, including sustainability programs, and work closely with other departments to ensure new projects are developed in accordance with approved campus plans, policies, standards and guidelines. Campus Planning will also engage with external stakeholders around future plans for the campus and the broader community. To provide capacity for the critical work of developing new buildings and other facilities for the campus, the Facilities Planning group, which includes space planning inside of our buildings, will move into a new Infrastructure Development portfolio.

Campus Operations & Risk Management will retain all of its functions with the exception of Project Services. The Project Services team will also join the Infrastructure Development portfolio in an effort to provide additional capacity to the CORM team, which will continue to focus on operational excellence in safety, security, building and land maintenance, and building and energy optimization. This change will allow Project Services to focus on complex projects that require expertise in professional project management, contract management, and consultancies, while the CORM team will increase the efficiencies associated with the delivery of smaller renovation projects through the creation of a new Construction Management Office.

Infrastructure Development will be responsible for project planning, development, renewal and renovation of campus facilities. The creation of the new portfolio is intended to position UBCO for the future and build on the strengths that we already have by providing some additional capacity and focus, with the understanding that success will require continued strong and daily interactions between all three UBCO departments.

The end goal is to strengthen the planning, delivery and operation of current and future campus growth and facilities to meet our strategic plans. UBCO Infrastructure Development will report in to AVP Finance and Operations, Okanagan and have a dotted line connection to the Vancouver Infrastructure Development team in a similar fashion to what currently exists for many UBCO administration departments. The search for the replacement Director of Campus Planning and the hiring of the new Director of Infrastructure Development is planned to take place simultaneously in late fall and into winter. Any realignment of existing staff will take place as those leadership positions are filled.


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