IT Helpdesk – New Workflow Entry Forms

On Monday, February 24th, we launched the first two streamlined IT-related staff onboarding and offboarding workflow forms in the IT Helpdesk system.  The purpose of the new workflow forms is to provide a streamlined process for provisioning/deprovisioning services and equipment for onboarding and offboarding staff.

The first two forms to launch were the New to UBC and Leaving UBC forms.  When you complete either of the new workflow forms, a single ticket is created, off of which we will create multiple work orders to provision or deprovision equipment and services as requested.  This means you can now follow the entire process, end-to-end, on a single ticket.  In addition, you will be notified by the system as each step in the process is completed, and its associated work order is closed.

The Leaving UBC form also takes advantage of the recorded information we have in our system to advise the requestor of what IT services and roles were associated with the exiting employee.  This will enable the requestor to make informed decisions on what items need to be transferred or discontinued.

We’ve put forth a high degree of effort to make the forms easy to use and self-explanatory.  Documentation is always important, though, so the following FAQ articles are also available:

The new workflow-based forms are accessible via our new streamlined main interface page, which launched at the same time as the new forms:

What’s Next?

We are currently working on the third form in this group, Transferring In/Out [final name to be determined].  This form will provide a workflow-based approach to reporting that an employee is transferring into, or out of, a department.  As with the Leaving UBC form, the Transferring In/Out form takes additional advantage of the recorded information we have in our system to assist in the smooth transition of services as an employee moves between departments, while incurring little-to-no service downtime for the employee.


No system is ever perfect, and we really do love to get feedback.  I encourage you to send us your feedback about these new forms, or any other aspect of our system, by using the Feedback link from the Main Menu of the system.

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