The new Purchase and Payment Simplification program

The Travel and Expense (T&E) Project is the first phase of the Purchase and Payment Simplification Program, a transformative initiative focused on significantly reducing the bureaucracy associated with invoice, expense and travel processing, reimbursements and procurement. T&E will support the campus by:

  • Providing one payment method for low value expenses – the new UBC VISA Card
  • Providing faster turnaround of payments, reimbursement, travel expenses and PD
  • Increasing visibility and transparency of claim status
  • Simplifying processing
  • Delivering 24×7 access online
  • Advancing shared responsibility, compliance and stewardship of UBC $

The T&E Project will be deployed to the campus community in a phased rollout, with the pilot scheduled for June – August 2013.

Hear from T&E Executive and Project Sponsors about Understanding the Changes.  During these videos you will learn about:

  • The Purchase & Payment Simplification Program
  • T&E Benefits
  • T&E Changes
  • Support for Faculty and Staff

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