Recent Public Art Collection Acquisitions

Inuit Prints, donated by Mr. Neil Lenard to complement the other fifteen prints in the Library, also donated by him.

Donation of six prints by artist Briar Craig, a former department Head, a current faculty member, and the continuing coordinator for the visual arts program. This set of prints will hang in the Field Reading Room in the Library.

Briar Craig’s Eclectic Company, donated by the FCCS Dean’s Office.

Painting by Nelson Yuen, donated by Critical Studies department technician Maureen Lisle.

Marli Luff paintings, donated by the Office of Gwen Zilm, former AVP of Learning Services.

Woon-Hing Manning, a BFA student who graduated in 2010, was diagnosed with the liver cancer that took her life in January 2011. It was Woon’s dying wish that these photographs be donated to the UBCO Public Art Collection.

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