Window Decals

Window decals do not require approval from CP.  However, if your proposal does not meet the following requirements, please contact Campus Planning to seek approval.

  1. Window decals shall only be permitted for university sponsored signage developed by University Relations.
  2. Window decals shall be limited to one decal per event per location.
  3. No more than two event decals shall be permitted in any one location.
  4. Window decals shall be easily removable and will need to ensure that no residue or marks are left behind once the decals are removed.
  5. It is the responsibility of University Relations to seek approval prior to placing window decals in:
  • Student Residences, from the Manager, Building Operations & Services.
  • The Gymnasium from the Director, Athletics & Recreations.
  • Within the Main Floor of UNC Building from the UBCSUO.