Temporary Displays

  1. Campus Planning shall be notified of any proposed Temporary Displays a minimum of two weeks before the display is to be installed so that the appropriate departments are aware of the displays and approve any such locations.
  2. Temporary displays include the temporary installation of displays (e.g. special event promotion, awareness campaigns, temporary display of artwork, etc.) within exterior and interior public spaces on Campus.
  3. Temporary displays shall be located in accordance with the following requirements:
    1. Displays will be permitted for a maximum of 5 days.
    2. Displays must be removed the day immediately following the completion of the display period and the location left in the conditions it was before the display was installed.
    3. Displays must not be located to limit or restrict the entry or exit to any building.
    4. Displays must not be affixed to any interior or exterior walls.
    5. Displays must not be attached to any trees or vegetation.
    6. Displays must not possess any safety or security concerns.
    7. The cost of damaged to University infrastructure resulting from a temporary display will be the responsibility of the applicant to repair and/or replace the damaged infrastructure.

Should your Temporary Display proposal not meet these requirements, please contact Campus Planning to seek approval.