Posters for Student Elections

  1. Posters for UBCSUO Elections must be installed in accordance with the requirements of the UBCSUO provided Policy UP8 – Signage Policy and the following regulations.
  2. Election posters shall follow the same criteria as outline in the ‘Posting of Notices and Posters’ regulations, except as follows:
    1. Posters may be installed for the approved election period and shall be removed within 48 hours of the election date.
    2. Election posters installed in the exterior locations identified below shall only be installed using masking tape or painters tape.
  3. Student election posters may be posted in the following locations:
    1. Faculty & Departmental Bulletin Boards, with the permission of the bulletin board owner, in accordance with the ‘Posting of Notices and Postersrequirements.
    2. On the exterior locations identified in the following table:
University Centre
Exterior Concrete pillars outside of entry Posters UNC
Sciences Exterior Pillars outside of courtyard entry Posters Sciences
Library Exterior Pillar outside of courtyard entry Posters Library
Arts & Sciences
Exterior Pillars outside of eastern entry Posters ASC East
Arts & Sciences




Pillars outside of north-east entry



Posters ASC NE
Fipke – Starbucks entrance Exterior Pillars outside of entry Posters FIP Starbucks
Fipke – north entrance Exterior Pillar outside of north entry Posters FIP N
Engineering, Management & Education Exterior Wall behind bike racks and emergency phone, at west entrance Posters EME