Legacy Buildings

The opening of Okanagan University College at the North Kelowna Campus occurred in 1993.  Academic buildings and residences built for Okanagan University College are commonly referred to as “legacy buildings”.


Built in 1992, this is the administrative hub of the campus and is one of the original 5 legacy academic buildings.


Built in 1992, the Arts building features an enclosed atrium with banana trees which is a popular space for study and quiet contemplation. The Arts building is one of the original 5 legacy academic buildings.

Creative and Critical Studies

Built in 2001, this building is home to the Creative and Critical Studies programs. This was the last academic building built for Okanagan University College.


Built in 1994, the Gymnasium is the home of UBC Okanagan’s Heat athletics teams.


Built in 1992, the Library building is one of the 5 original legacy academic buildings. Remodelled in 2012, it provides a great range of services and spaces that enhance the learning experience on campus.

Monashee Place 

Completed in 1992, this residence is easily spotted on campus with its blue tin roof. It has many different suite types and is known for its central location.

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Built in 1992, the Science building is one of the original 5 legacy academic buildings. The first prototype of a WaterFillz kiosk on campus can be found in the Science foyer.


This residence was completed in 1992 and like, Monashee, has a distinctive blue tin roof. It is the only residence at UBC Okanagan with single private rooms.

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