Guiding Principles

Our first lens for COVID-19 safety planning

UBC’s principles to guide safety planning, including decision making and priority setting, during the COVID-19 pandemic are:

  1. The university will place the health and wellbeing of students, staff and faculty above all other considerations, and be mindful of public safety in its decisions.
  2. The university’s safety planning will be anchored in the health and safety guidance from BC’s Provincial Health Officer, health authorities, WorkSafeBC requirements, and UBC’s Health and Safety Policy.
  3. UBC will use a coordinated and phased approach to resuming or increasing on-campus activities.
  4. Approval of COVID-19 safety plans should be at the most knowledgeable administrative level, with notification to the next higher level. Higher-risk plans should be escalated for higher level approval.
  5. Phased reopening of campus activities/facilities may need to be reversed and stricter curtailment conditions imposed in response to public health direction or changes to the situation on our campuses.
  6. The university will provide as much certainty as possible to faculty, students and staff by making and communicating decisions as early as possible.
  7. The university will reflect on lessons learned to continually improve the safety of activities on campus.