Bookings and Events

As the university returns to on-campus activity, members of the campus community may need to make ad-hoc bookings for activities that occur outside of or in addition to regularly scheduled administrative or educational activities.

Essential Events

To support a safe and successful return to in-person learning, support for in-person events will be limited to essential events only until further notice. This decision will be revisited in October 2021.

In order for an event to be deemed essential, the event organizer must be able to answer yes to the following questions:

  • Does the event support teaching and research?
  • Does the event comply with all current guidelines and orders from public health?
  • Does the event require in-person presence to be effective?
  • Is the event urgent or time-sensitive?

Event organizers whose events meet all of the above criteria may submit a Safe Event Plan (see below).

Safe Event Planning 

A Safe Event Application is required for all events that fall outside of core activities, as well as core activities that require additional considerations, including:

  • In-person academic and business activities that fall outside of typical educational, research or administrative activities
  • Activities that have the potential to interfere with teaching and learning (i.e. require use of multiple indoor or outdoor locations, noise considerations, held at a busy time or in a high-traffic location)
  • Activities that require additional communicable disease or other safety considerations (i.e. serving food outside a designated dining area, unless provided by a professional caterer; activities that are open to the public; activities that require travel)
  • Recreational activities, such as celebratory events, social gatherings, and sporting events, including CIS-sanctioned activities if outside of regular season

Completed applications should be submitted to for review and response. Organizers should be aware that a response typically takes 2-3 weeks.

Organizers who submit their booking request in tandem with a Safe Event Application should be aware that booking a space does not constitute approval for their event.

Note: The Safe Event Plan has been updated as of September 14, 2021.

Considerations for planning your meeting or event

Due to ongoing return-to-campus support, some service departments may have less availability to support meetings and events than in previous years. In addition to planning for safety concerns, organizers should plan to contact service departments (i.e. Facilities Management, IT, etc) to ensure that there are resources available to support their requests. Organizers are also encouraged to consider digital or hybrid options where possible to ensure that their event has the greatest possible chance of success.

Some services may request a copy of your safe event approval before confirming ad-hoc bookings or work orders.

For meetings or other activities where food is to be served, please be aware of the Campus Rules with regards to eating and drinking on campus.

Approved Events

The below list of approved events is provided for information only. While these events have been endorsed from a safety perspective, event plans may change according to the operational needs of the event organizers or the university, or due to changes in applicable public health orders.


Sept 1 to 6: Student Orientation activities – Create and second year welcome 
Location: Indoor and outdoor UBCO spaces


August 26 to 31: Student Orientation activities – Create and second year welcome
Location: Indoor and outdoor UBCO spaces

CANCELLED: August 12: Opera Under the Stars
Location: CCS 142 and foyer, Arts foyer, adjacent outdoor space.
This event will no longer be hosted on campus due to recent public health restrictions.

August 1 to August 11: iStand STEM day camps
Location: 2nd floor Arts building and adjacent outdoor space.


July 1 to 30: iStand STEM day camps
Location: 2nd floor Arts building and adjacent outdoor space.

July 2: RCMP motorcycle training
Location: EME 2181 and H Lot.


June 30: iStand STEM day camps
Location: 2nd floor Arts building and adjacent outdoor space.

June 21 to 23, June 29: RCMP Motorcycle training
Location: EME 2181 and H Lot.