• AVP Finance and Operations
    Robert Einarson, Associate Vice-President of Finance and Operations ensures UBC’s Okanagan campus is a special place to learn, live and work. This portfolio manages the physical and financial side of the campus.
  • Business Operations
    Shannon Dunn, Director of Business Operations oversees Residence Administration, Residence Life, Housing Operations & Services, Food Services, Conferences and Accommodation, Parking Services and the Bookstore.
  • Finance Operations
    Carri Lawrence, Director of Finance Operations provides leadership in the areas of management reporting, financial advice, and training. The portfolio also provides oversight for the Payroll, Procurement and Supply Management services for the campus community.
  • Finance Strategies
    Curtis Morcom, Integrated Planning & Chief Budget Officer, Finance Strategies is responsible for supporting the University’s mission through long range financial planning and effective resource allocation strategies.
  • Campus Operations and Risk Management
    Shelley Kayfish, Director of Campus Operations and Risk Management and her team make up a diverse unit consisting of Central Receiving and Campus Mail, Campus Security, Facilities Management, Project Services and Risk Management Services.
  • David Waldron - banner
    Dave Waldron, Director of Campus Planning and Development is responsible for long-range planning (for example, the Okanagan Campus Master Plan), capital planning, space planning and operational sustainability.
  • IT, Media and Classroom Services
    (Currently Vacant) The Director manages the IT Client Services, IT Infrastructure, Media and Classroom Services, Research IT Support and IT Business Services units.

and Operations

UBC's dynamic Okanagan campus is designed to meet the needs of a unique community of staff and students eager to learn and contribute.

To support these important goals, Finance and Operations strives to provide the best possible environment in which to work, learn, and conduct research. It does this by providing efficient and timely administrative services that enhance campus life and the university's long-term resilience in a fiscally responsible way.  Key reports and AVP Portfolio ›

Inquiries Christine Simon, Executive Assistant | Tel: 250.807.8560 | Fax: 250.807.8449 | finance-operations.ok@ubc.ca