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Posting of Notices and Posters

Notices or Posters do not require approval from CPD.  However, if your proposal does not meet the following requirements, please contact Campus Planning & Development to seek approval.

  1.  Posters and notices of interest to the University community may be approved for posting on approved campus bulletin boards provided Board of Governors Policy No. 120 and the following guidelines are adhered to.

  2. To be eligible for posting, a poster or notice must fall under the definition of one of the following types of bulletin boards:
    1. Faculty & Departmental Bulletin Boards - Limited to posters relating to the subject content, events, awards, etc. of interest to a specific university department.
    2. General Campus Bulletin Boards - Limited to posters relating to on-campus events and issues relating specifically to the University community. Sections of each campus bulletin board may be designated for one or more specific uses.

  3. Student Clubs and Course Unions require approval of the UBCSUO prior to posting notices and posters on campus.

  4. With the exception of material posted on faculty and departmental bulletin boards, all posters and notices must be approved and stamped with the ‘UBCSUO date stamp’. Permission to post on a faculty or department notice board must be obtained from the respective faculty or administrative department.

  5. Approval for posting of general campus posters, notices and community events poster shall be granted for a period of no more than two weeks.

  6. The following additional regulations shall also apply:
    1. Posters displayed in Student Residences are restricted to designated bulletin boards as identified, approved and managed by the Manager Building Operations & Services.
    2. Posters displayed in the Gymnasium are restricted to designated bulletin boards as identified, approved and managed by the Director, Athletics & Recreation.
    3. Posters displayed within UBCSUO leased space are restricted to areas within that space, as identified, approved and managed by the UBCSUO.
    4. Posters must be put up on bulletin boards using staples or tacks.
    5. Posters may not be posted in a manner that covers over other approved posters.
    6. Posters may not be posted on any surface other than an approved bulletin board, including painted, cement, or glass surfaces either inside or outside of any building.
    7. Posters may not be posted (outside) on the bus terminals and/or any University infrastructure (light poles, street furniture, etc.).
    8. Posters may not be attached to any trees or vegetation.
    9. Posters may not breach any municipal, provincial or federal law or regulation.
    10. Posters may not be attached in such a manner as to cause damage to bulletin boards.

  7. Posters not adhering fully to these guidelines and University regulations may be removed and destroyed.

  8. Handbills or flyers may not be distributed on the campus unless they are specifically handed to individuals or delivered through the University mail system.

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