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    Campus Planning and Development guides the development and future growth of UBC's Okanagan campus and its community.
  • UNC and FIP towards EME
    The campus' topography is a significant factor in its evolution – in the placement and orientation of buildings, roads and open spaces.
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    Space Planning and Management ensures the best and highest use of campus space.
  • EME Building and Pond
    UBC's Okanagan campus aspires to build and demonstrate a sustainable campus.

Campus Planning and Development

Campus Planning and Development is a diverse unit consisting of Campus Planning, Space Planning and Management and the Sustainability Office.

Our Vision

To be a leader in providing a regenerative, vibrant and healthy campus community through innovative planning and development that supports academic and research excellence.

  • Regenerative - a campus that is sustainable, adaptable, net positive and restorative
  • Vibrant - a campus that is lively, connected and animated
  • Healthy - a campus that promotes a healthy learning, working and living environment
  • Community - a campus that is welcoming, intimate and engaged
  • Innovative - a campus that delivers leading edge practices

Our Mission

Through an integrated and creative team approach, we engage and collaborate to guide the development and future growth of the campus and its community.

Campus Planning is responsible for creating a vibrant, sustainable, live-work-learn community at UBC's Okanagan campus.

Space Planning and Management is your first contact for space planning services, requests for new space, renovations, and changes to space usage.

The Sustainability Office is responsible for sustainability on campus and advances the development of a vibrant, regenerative community.

Approval processes for major and minor capital projects.

Current Projects, Recent Projects, Future Projects and Legacy Buildings.

Abigail Riley, Associate Director, Campus Planning | Tel: 250.807.9647 | abigail.riley@ubc.ca

Nicola Kane, Support Services Assistant, Campus Planning and Development | Tel: 250.807.8182 | nicola.kane@ubc.ca

Mailing Address
Campus Planning and Development
The University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus
ADM006 - 1138 Alumni Avenue
Kelowna, BC Canada V1V 1V7